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Our teachers constantly check online, to make sure our students don’t plagiarise others’ work and will return any assignments containing uncited passages or thoughts and writing of another person.
The verb plagiarise is described in the Oxford Canadian Dictionary as:  “1. take and use the thoughts, writings, inventions, etc. of another person as one’s own. 2. pass off the thoughts, etc of another person as one’s own.” 
For example: If you did not use quotation marks around any of the directly quoted material, or cited the articles from which you borrowed the material, it would be considered an act of plagiarism. Even when minor changes or omissions are made to the original article, it still constitutes misuse of the source and is therefore plagiarism.
It is important to learn about the severity of plagiarism.  At the University of British Columbia, penalties for plagiarising “include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • A failing grade or mark of zero in the course, examination, or assignment in which the academic misconduct occurred.
  • Suspension from the University for a specified period of time, or indefinitely.
  • Reprimand, with letter placed in a student's file.
  • A notation on the student's permanent record of the penalty imposed.”
(From: the University of British Columbia Calendar)

Please visit the following website to get some ideas on how to avoid plagiarism: Ideas on how to avoid plagiarism

At SCIDES, as an initial measure, our teachers will always return your assignment, marked as incomplete. You will have a chance to re-do the assignment, and you are expected to be careful to avoid plagiarism in he future. Please connect with your teacher for support in learning how to avoid plagiarism. SCIDES encourages all students to learn the skills that are necessary to use your own ideas in your writing.  Many students struggle with this skill; but it is something that must be learned, particularly for anyone intending to go on to post-secondary education.
Any further instances of plagiarism, after the initial violation, will be given a mark of zero, with no opportunity for correction. An official letter will be also be formulated and sent to the student and to the school of record, who puts it in the student file.
Further instances of plagiarism may lead to withdrawal from the SCIDES course or even from the SCIDES program.
If you have any questions about the above policy, please contact the SCIDES Principal at 250 378 4245